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EUR/USD Forecast Analysis Trading Tips Forex

EUR/USD ForecastEUR/USD predictionEUR/USD analysis in Forex Forex Market trading analysis about EUR/USD
Keep buying EUR/USD until 1.2500 Manage proper stop lossManage proper risk avoid systemWe post signals on demand

Gold Traders Should Be Alert Now, It Is Gold Trading Time

Gold Trade, Signal, Prediction and Forecast. Gold trading point and price prediction. Gold traders should be alert.

Gold Prediction And Analysis

After 15 hours of discussion and meeting with our Gold Traders and Experts, we have come to the conclusion that Gold should be sold now, and its take profit and stop loss point should be kept open and sell in small lots. Very soon at the appropriate time, traders will be notified about the closing point of Gold. 

Selling Range 1945 To 1930

Take Profit Open
Stop Loss Open

Small lots are suggested for Gold traders. 

Gold traders should be alert the price and trading point of gold is predicted after the experts' opinions and suggestions. But traders should open trade according to their own experience. 


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EUR/USD prediction and analysis Monday Dated. 15 Jun 2020

Forex Traders who are trading in EUR/USD and waiting for opening Forex Market on Monday dated 15 Jun 2020, can find here trend, predictions and forecasts, buying and selling prices of EUR/USD.
As you know that last Friday EUR/USD dropped to the price of 1.1211 and now Forex Market resting at 1.1254 of EUR/USD price.
First, of all, we will talk about the retracement of Forex Market's Pair EUR/USD, It can retrace to the previous price at 1.1310 or 1.1350.
So if you want to buy in retracement you may buy, but your focus should be at selling price because after retracing or rebounding it will again come to a lower price of EUR/USD at 1.1030. 
After 1.1030 it will go again up near about 1.1450 or more. So here you should wait for a new level of this pair. 
New signal and analysis will be posted after a new level of EUR/USD in Forex Market. So all traders can peacefully trade before 1.1450

So! On Monday Traders of FX Market can buy EUR/USD at 1.1230 to the 2nd red line or 3rd red line. On the…

Trusted Forex Brokers

Exness is a trusted and reliable broker. Exness deposit and withdrawal system is instant.
They Deposit via Visa Card, Master Card, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and many other payment processors.

Exness registration is very easy and it takes just a few minutes to register yourself. Easy account verification and cooperative help staff are available 24/7. Exness commission is 0.3 pips for standard accounts. Execution is very fast during trading. No fee on deposit or withdrawals. 

XM is also a good and trusted broker, its deposit time is instant, but sometimes it takes 24 hours in withdrawals. But you choose the skrill payment system then it payout instantly. In the shape of bonuses, they provide loyalty points to traders, with these points traders can trade and cash out the profit. 
Instaforex is also one of in good brokers, in this broker you may start trading with a minimum deposit of $2.

InstaForex offers its customers the benefit of a unique bonus system. All Inst…

EUR/USD Prediction, Signal generated by FX-Predicts in Forex Market

EUR/USD Signal Generated
According to the news coming today at 0700 pm according to (GMT+05:00) the sentiment that is going to happen in the Forex market, the signal that FX-Predicts has generated is that Euro/USD will touch the price 1.1440, and later it will move to 1.1310, so this pair can be sold in this price range.

Sell EUR/USD at 1.1440 and Take Profit at 1.1310