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EUR/USD and other all currencies against USD

 Currencies trend in Forex Market All currencies which are against the USD going to be strong. So we would like to suggest all Forex Traders Buy all those pairs which end by USD, like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, AUD/USD etc. 
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Stop Buying Gold A Trend Changing Signal Generating

Gold Prediction  The decline of Gold price in weekly technical Analysis shows that Gold is going to be devalued in the upcoming few weeks, So our opinion is that stop buying Gold now and get ready for selling. Gold Signal   The selling point of Gold is suggested at 1.1950 and the Profit range expected at 1.1905, sell according to your account size and margin level.  Gold Stop Loss Level Gold Stop loss should be at 1.1980 Gold Take profit Level 1.1905

Gold Dead Line End And Gold Prediction

  Gold downfall has started As we predicted about Gold in our previous prediction, now we see gold as under.  Gold deadlines has ended and now gold is going to be devalued, so according to our suggestion gold should be sold in bounces now. Because it will drop now gradually.  The gold-selling price range is 1920 to 1960, and the target is 1.1820, so keep selling the Gold, stop loss is suggested at price 2070.  Here keep in mind that 2070.00 is the deadline of Gold, there are very rare chances that Gold touches this deadline, and if you find that gold touches 2070.00 then start selling in big lots. 

Gold Traders Should Be Alert Now, It Is Gold Trading Time

Gold Prediction And Analysis After 15 hours of discussion and meeting with our Gold Traders and Experts, we have come to the conclusion that Gold should be sold now, and its take profit and stop loss point should be kept open and sell in small lots. Very soon at the appropriate time, traders will be notified about the closing point of Gold.  Selling Range 1945 To 1930 Take Profit Open Stop Loss Open Small lots are suggested for Gold traders.  Gold traders should be alert the price and trading point of gold is predicted after the experts' opinions and suggestions. But traders should open trade according to their own experience. 

EUR/USD Next Target Forex Prediction And Analysis of EURO VS US-Dollar

EUR/USD Next Target As we see that EUR/USD is not going to its pivot point, it means that EUR/USD is not in selling mode, so our suggestion is that buy this pair.  EUR/USD Signal Buy EUR/USD @ 1.1560 TP @ 1.1720 Stop Loss @ 1.1460 Pivot 1.1520

EUR/USD Prediction, Signal generated by FX-Predicts in Forex Market

EUR/USD Signal Generated According to the news coming today at 0700 pm according to (GMT+05:00) the sentiment that is going to happen in the  Forex market, the signal that FX-Predicts has generated is that Euro/USD will touch the price 1.1440, and later it will move to 1.1310, so this pair can be sold in this price range. Sell EUR/USD at 1.1440 and Take Profit at 1.1310